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Elliott Smith doc opens at IFI May 8

Written By doni icha on Kamis, 16 April 2015 | 23.38

Heaven Adores You explores the life and music of Elliott Smith who won an Oscar nomination for Miss Misery, from the Good Will Hunting soundtrack. Plagued by depression and addictions the musician died in 2003, aged 34.

Nickolas Rossi's film celebrates Smith's music and his legacy, travelling through the major cities where he lived, namely Portland, New York and Los Angeles. 

The film also features memories and anecdotes as recounted by the people who were closest to him. Heaven Adores You can be seen at the IFI  from May 8 www.ifi.ie 

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Cork woman has Joe Dolan's hip for sale

A Cork woman who bought Joe Dolan's hip bone on eBay for €690 is seeking a new owner for the late singer's body part.

Maggie Keating (39) from Mitchelstown in Cork, told Mark Prendeville on Cork radio station Red FM that she has been a fan of Dolan's since she was 17.

"My mother followed him from her dancing days so his music would have always been on in the house when I was growing up," she said.

"I went to my first concert of his when I was 17 and from around 1995 we would have been very friendly, I met him loads.

"He was very down to earth and would have always come over to chat."

She also has a suit of Joe's which her sister-in-law Bridget bought in aid of Daffodil Day. She thought she'd add to her collection when Dolan was convinced on The Podge & Rodge Show to sell his old hip - following a hip replacement, of course - for Autism Action.

Keating eventually bought the hip, signed by Joe Dolan, for €690 after an auction on eBay.  And when he died in 2007, she took comfort from displaying it in her house.

"It was always nice to look up and see it, it was on display in my house but then some people would pretend to bite it as a joke or throw it to the dog so I wrapped it up and put it away in case it would break," she said.

Now she wants to sell it but body parts can no longer be sold on eBay, so Red FM are helping her to find a buyer.

"I don't know how much it would even be worth but I have had my joy from it and now maybe it would be time for someone else to, if I could get the right money for it," she said.

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New Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer due

There is a great disturbance in The Force - in a good way. The new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is due to be shown for the first time this evening. 

It will be unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration fan convention in Anaheim in California, which will be attended by director and saviour of the galaxy J.J. Abrams.

This will be the first new taste of what's in store in the rebooted franchise since last November's 88-second teaser clip 

The Star Wars Celebration event is available to view via a live stream online by logging onto StarWars.com. The event begins at 10:00am PST (6.00pm GMT) and concludes this Sunday at 3:30pm PST (11.30pm GMT) this Sunday. 

Diehard fans were already in line for the Star Wars Celebration yesterday morning (Wednesday), a full 29 hours before the opening ceremonies.

Vanity Fair magazine reports that J.J. Abrams made sure nobody went hungry during the long overnight wait. He and Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy bought pizza for 1,500 patient fans.

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RTÉ TEN'S top TV picks for Thursday April 16

Home of the Year (8.30pm RTÉ One) continues as the judges visit three very different homes, from a surprising semi-detached home in Kildare to a cottage retreat in Wicklow and finally a converted church in Co Galway. How to Get Away with Murder (10.00pm RTÉ 2) continues, and, if you are around the house at 4.00pm do not miss Bob Marley's Catch A Fire in Sky Arts' Classic Albums repeats.

Home of the Year, 8.30pm RTÉ One

This week the judges are off to three very different homes, from a surprising semi-detached home in Kildare to a cottage retreat in Wicklow and finally a converted church in Co Galway. The Eaton family live in a red-bricked, semi-detached home in Co. Kildare and their interior décor includes the 1960's turquoise suite which came from the American Embassy in Dublin. Jeanne lives in a new build cottage in Co. Wicklow with her partner Mark. Her home is built from Wicklow granite and river stone and she has done all the interior design herself. Chris Deakin and Orla Mc Cluskey live in a converted church in Co. Galway. Chris bought the property, parts of which have been there since 1820, in 2005 and spent the next two and a half years converting it into two-bedroom family home.

Home of the Year

How to Get Away with Murder, 10.00pm RTÉ2

Not too late to catch up on this brilliant series. Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is a tough as nails Criminal Law Professor who challenges her students to solve some of the most difficult criminal cases. A shocking discovery in Sam's case changes everything for Annalise and the students in tonight's episode.

How to Get Away with Murder

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Catch a Fire, 4.00pm Sky Arts 1

Sky Arts regularly show this in their Classic Albums repeats and for anyone who plays music, it is essential viewing. So stay in today or set the record button. Witness the care and cleverness that went into the production of The Wailers' fifth album, or, if you will, the band's first for Chris Blackwell's Island records. Even learning how the Texan John 'Rabbit' Bundrick was wheeled in to play keyboards  - knowing nothing much about reggae at all -  is fascinating. Released in April 1973, Catch A Fire is listed at number 126 on Rolling Stone?'s list of 500 Greatest Albums. That gives it the second highest placement of the five listed Marley albums, next after the posthumous compilation hits album, Legend. Picture shows a man walking past a mural of Bob Marley in Kingston, Jamaica in 2009.

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Zig and Zag set to reunite on RTÉjr

Written By doni icha on Rabu, 15 April 2015 | 23.37

Great news - Zig and Zag are back! They are marking RTÉjr's second birthday with a very special announcement - they'll be returning to our TV screens next year with their own animated series. 

As part of a range of new  programming, RTÉjr will welcome old friends Zig and Zag onto the channel in 2016 for 26 episodes of an animated series.

Originally from the Planet Zog, the alien brothers have set themselves up in a half spaceship/half house in the 'burbs. Zig & Zag will take young viewers along with them on their hilarious adventures as the crazy pair attempt to experience everything planet Earth has to offer.

The series, which was created in partnership between RTÉjr and CBBC, is produced with support from the IFB, BAI and NI Screen and distributed by JAM Media.

Commenting on the announcement, RTÉ's Cross-Divisional Head of Children's Content Sheila de Courcy said: "With lots of exciting new animation coming to RTÉjr, it's a particular delight to see Zig & Zag's new animated series finally going into production!

"RTÉjr viewers' parents grew up with the original alien brothers and I know that Double Z, Flickerpix and JAM Media are going to replicate the fun and mayhem for children today in what's shaping up to be a super series for 2016."

She continued: "Supporting Irish animation is hugely important to RTÉ as we continue in our mission to offer fun, educational and uniquely Irish content to the under sevens. 

RTÉjr is delivered across four platforms, TV, radio, online and mobile (ios) allowing children under seven to watch, listen and play with commercial-free channels on television and digital radio from 7am-7pm daily.

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RTÉ TEN'S TV picks for Wednesday, April 15

Darragh Maloney is joined by John Giles, Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy for live coverage of Paris Saint-Germain v Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg at 7.30pm on RTÉ 2. Second Captain's Live (10.30pm RTÉ 2) has some light relief after that tense encounter and This World: Kill The Christians (9.00pm BBC Two) explores how Christianity is in danger of disappearing in large parts of its ancient heartland.

Champions League Live, 7.30pm RTÉ 2

Darragh Maloney is joined by John Giles, Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy for live coverage of Paris Saint-Germain v Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg. Commentary from George Hamilton and Ray Houghton. Plus, highlights of tonight's other game Porto v Bayern Munich as well as last night's matches, Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid and Juventus v Monaco. An enthusiastic Paris Saint-Germain fan has no doubts, see below.

Champions League Live

Second Captain's Live, 10.30pm RTÉ2

Eoin McDevitt, Ken Early and Ciaran Murphy will again be joined by the most insightful names in sport, who will continue to frustrate the nation with their Good Wall choices for the top ten Irish sports people of all-time. The lads will uncover more wondrous Irish television archive material, continue to embarrass themselves by competing in farcical quizzes and showcase ridiculous features such as Boring Irish Sporting Tweets, Behind The Blackboard and Skills of Hurling.

Second Captain's Live

This World: Kill The Christians, 9.00pm BBC Two

Christianity is facing the greatest threat to its existence in the very place where it was born. Jane Corbin travels across the Middle East to some of the holiest places in Christendom and finds that hundreds of thousands of Christians are fleeing Islamic extremists, conflict and persecution. From the Nineveh plains in Iraq to the ancient city of Maaloula in Syria, Kill The Christians reveals the story of how the religion that shaped Western culture and history is in danger of disappearing in large parts of its ancient heartland.

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Emotions run high for Fair City's Pete and Jackie

Pete and Jackie let their emotions get the better of them in tonight's episode of Fair City.

Spoiler alert!

For weeks Pete has been struggling with his feelings and tonight when he learns that Jackie is planning on moving to Edinburgh for good, he admits he still has feelings for her.

Jackie is upset at the thought of leaving and in the moment Jackie and Pete kiss. They are interrupted by Orla who is shocked by what she sees. Pete tries to make sure Orla won't tell Dolores. Orla doesn't want to lie to anyone and Pete leaves with the awful realisation he could lose Dolores.

Enda Oates, who plays Pete on the soap, said of tonight's episode, "Pete is really struggling with his feelings.  He loves Dolores and would never do anything to hurt her, but he has just got his family back together and there are still some unresolved feelings between him and Jackie. When he hears that Jackie may be leaving Carrigstown for good he begins to question where his true feelings lie."

Catch Fair City on RTÉ One at 8pm.

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield to release album

His cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity went viral and now astronaut Chris Hadfield is planning to release a full album that will be partly recorded in outer space.

Hadfield says that his album will help him to "tell the stories of early space exploration."

He said in a statement about the project, "The serenity and grace I felt while orbiting our Earth, weightless by the window, gave a whole new place to write and perform music. I'm delighted to be able to share these completed works as a new way to help tell the stories of early space exploration."

55-year-old Hadfield retired in July 2013 after spending five months commanding the International Space Station and his album is due for release later this year.

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Watch! TEN's 60 Second Showbiz Update

Only got a minute to spare - we've got all your top entertainment stories in 60 seconds. 

Justin Bieber debuts a new music video with Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner.

Florence won't be rocking out with her machine anytime soon thanks to an injury.

And Zig and Zag are back on the box. 

All your top entertainment stories in just 60 seconds. Enjoy! 

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Watch! TEN talks to Glassland star Jack Reynor

With his new film Glassland in cinemas from Friday April 17, actor Jack Reynor has told TEN that festival audiences' "massive positive response" to the Gerard Barrett-directed drama has taken him by surprise. 

In Glassland Reynor plays John, a struggling Dublin taxi driver who reaches a crossroads in his life as he tries to save his mother Jean (Toni Collette) from addiction.

Earlier this year, the Wicklow actor won the Special Jury Award for Acting at the Sundance Film Festival for his performance. The film has also won critics and audience awards at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and Galway Film Fleadh respectively.

Speaking about the reaction at festivals to Glassland, Reynor said: "I didn't expect, I suppose, such an overwhelmingly positive response in a way. 

"I think we knew, even the weekend after we wrapped the film, that we had something quite special in the can. But I really couldn't have anticipated such a massive positive response everywhere we've gone with the film, and we're just really thrilled by it."

Glassland is in cinemas nationwide on Friday, April 17.

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